North London Teaching Alliance

About School Direct

Are you an experienced professional or recent graduate who would like to train to become a teacher? School Direct might be the route for you.

What is School Direct?

School Direct is a programme which provides you with Qualified Teacher Status. It is a hands-on route into teaching where you will spend time in the classroom honing skills and preparing for a fulfilling career.

You usually spend 4 days per week in school and 1 day per week with one of our University partners though your time at University decreases as the year progresses. 

There are two routes into teaching through School Direct:

School Direct (unsalaried) – if you are newly graduated and have little work experience, pick this route. 

School Direct (salaried) - if you have a degree and have spent three years in employment, you might be eligible for the School Direct salaried route. You would earn around £16,000 in your training year.

To achieve the School Direct qualification, you will need to complete a series of assignments set by the University and also be successful in demonstrating proficiency in all aspects of the role of a teacher. All trainees are judged against a set of competencies established by the DfE.

What do we offer?

A partnership of schools who can provide you with the support and guidance necessary to ensure you become a fantastic teacher! You will be based in one of our schools for the majority of your time on the course and you will be informed which school this will be during the application process. In order to ensure you have a breadth of experience from the course, you will also be required to spend one half term at another of our partner schools.

Each school will provide you with a subject-specific mentor and you will work closely with this person on a daily basis to develop:

  • classroom and planning skills
  • effective approaches to assessment
  • strategies to support behaviour management

At the very beginning of the course it can be hard to know how to prioritise your school and university workloads. Your mentor will also support you with time management strategies ensuring your wellbeing during a challenging course.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to meet regularly with the other trainees in your school and those from across the partnership in Professional Studies meetings. These weekly sessions aim to enhance the skills you are practising in the classroom and offer you time to share ideas (and challenges) with your peers.

You will be given a light teaching timetable from the beginning of the course. The time you spend in class steadily increases as your skills and confidence grow to ensure you are ready to undertake a Newly Qualified Teacher timetable by the end of the year. School Direct enables you to experience each aspect of becoming a teacher and you will be linked to a form group from the start of the school year to develop your pastoral skills.