North London Teaching Alliance

Case Studies

Stevan Simonovic

My name is Stevan Simonovic and I am currently a science teacher at Ashmole Academy specialising in Chemistry. I currently teach a range of age groups from KS3 to KS5 and have worked for the Academy for four years since my training. 

Previously to being a teacher I worked within the chemical industry both as a Radiochemist and a Synthetic Organic Chemist.

I chose schools direct as a route into teaching as I was keen to remain in employment during my training.

I found that the learning curve was very steep during my training year, however, the excellent support that I received throughout my training was integral to my successful completion of the year. School direct exposed me to the day-to-day aspects of teaching that cannot be learnt in a university or college environment. I would definitely recommend school direct as route into teaching.