North London Teaching Alliance

Case Studies

Kate Nelson

I am currently working as an English teacher; I am now in my fifth year of teaching at Ashmole Academy. Continuing to work in the institution where I trained has many advantages: I am familiar with the school's policies (and children) and I have a sound understanding of the school's ethos. I have recently taken on a new role, leading the development of the sixth form English curriculum, helping to ensure it prepares A-Level students for the rigour of the two-year course. 

Before School Direct I worked for numerous charities developing communication practices and this led to me learning BSL. For 7 years I worked in further Education, supporting Deaf students in mainstream education. Once my two children reached school age I decided I needed a new challenge; I wanted more control over the information I was delivering and I wanted to experience teaching a group of students. Initially I began training to teach in FE, but I realised that working, training and being a mum was quite difficult to juggle; School Direct afforded me the opportunity to train and earn.

For me Schools Direct has enabled me to access a career that is fulfilling and continuously challenging.

The programme undoubtedly requires perseverance and flexibility, but in this way it is the ideal way to prepare yourself for the daily demands of teaching.